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August 22 Social Ride

Due to high winds, tonight's social ride is cancelled. Next week will still leave from the west side.

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Little Ghost Town Ride

 Little Ghost Town Ride

Headwinds will be cycling from Magrath to Del Bonita (Little Ghost Town on the Prairies), which is approximately 100 km out and back ride on Highway 62. We will be stopping in Del Bonita for a treat and a rest before we ride back. The ride will take you along the Alberta prairies and past the McIntyre Ranch and up to the Little Ghost Town on the Prairies.

We will meet at the Southside Safeway at 8:15-8:30 and arrange carpooling. We will then got to the South East side of Magrath and meet just south the Magrath Fishing Pond. We will plan to ride start our ride at 9:15. There will be a SAG wagon if you only want to ride one way.

This ride is sponsored by Bert & Macs Cycling and prizes will be awarded following the ride. Remember all Headwinds Cycling Club events are for members only.


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Headwinds Time Trial



Thursday August 4th, 2016


The Ride

Headwinds is happy to add a time trial event to the calendar.  Come out, on Thursday August 4th, to challenge yourself on the 23 or 40km time trial course.  Riders will head out individually in 30 or 60 second intervals.  There is no drafting on this ride, it is an individual ride against the clock to see how fast you can complete the flat course.  As an alternative, you can simply come ride the course and request no timing. 

Come on out to enjoy another cycling challenge or just a nice ride.

Ride Options


There will be a 23 and 40 km loop option.  The 40km course is simply two laps. The course is flat and is all right hand turns (no crossing of roads or highways).  Riders will head out in 30 or 60 second intervals (timing is optional).

Riders will meet at the south side Safeway. The group will ride out to the staging area at 6:00pm.   Then ride back to Safeway after the time trial.  If you are interested, plan for a post TT beverage at Legends (just across from the Safeway).

The ride is for club members, anyone wishing to participate must be a member in good standing.  If the wind is over 30km or the weather is poor we will reschedule the Time trial to another Thursday and just do a group ride.

PDF Brochure: here.

To become a member visit:

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Chief Mountain Ascent

Beautiful day for a ride in Southern Alberta. The sixteen riders out for the Chief Mountain Ascent enjoyed some great weather and a less great (but still good!) BBQ after.

 chief mountain 2016

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Southern Alberta Summer Games


Here's some correspondance that we received that may be of interest to some:


I am emailing you to introduce myself as the City of Lethbridge Southern Alberta Summer Games Regional Director. I’d love for you to pass on to your members and any other interested parties that you might know of that the 2016 Southern Alberta Summer Games will be taking place right here in Lethbridge July 6 – 9. Cycling is scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday. The route is in the process of final approval.

The SASG is a grass-roots community festival celebrating its 47th anniversary. Every year the games put a major emphasis on mass participation, physical and social involvement for everyone, whatever age, sex or ability. Potential participation benefits include the development of individual skills and improved social attitudes.

It is a great opportunity for individuals to showcase and participate in a sport they love. It will also allow for friendly competition between competitors and communities. The cost to participate in the SASG is only $25 per person. The registration cost also includes a Team Lethbridge T-shirt.

Please note the registration deadline is Monday, June 6.  Registrants must have both sides of the form completed and come down to the Games Office on the 3rd Floor of City Hall to pay. I have attached registration forms here in case you wish to pass them along to your groups, and they are also available online.

Let’s make sure we spread the word and ensure Lethbridge has an awesome showing! Please pass this opportunity on to your members and encourage them to take advantage of the Games close proximity. The last time Lethbridge hosted the SASG was in 2006.

I have attached a registration form, a poster you could hang up and more detailed specifics about the event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your help spreading the word.

Karlene Quinton

2016 SASG Regional Director, City of Lethbridge

Recreation & Culture Program Leader, City of Lethbridge

City of Lethbridge - 910 4th Ave. S. - 3rd Floor

p: (403) 320-4017

e:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Spread the word! The Southern Alberta Summer Games will be in Lethbridge July 6-9, 2016.


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