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August rides

Hi, everyone!

As for August we havea couple of rides coming up!

We are planning on a road ride from Magrath to Del Bonita on Aug 17. We will try to provide a sag wagon as we did for the Waterton ride. The meeting spot is at Safeway at 0815 and the plan is to ride out of Magrath around 0900. Please RSVP if you will be riding and if you are able and willing to carpool to Magrath.

Total distance will add up to ~96km.


We are also having another ice-cream ride on Aug 24. As the last time - the ride is slow paced and ids are more than welcome! Just show up at 10:00 am at the Nicholas Sheran parking lot and enjoy a Sunday stroll through the park with a Dairy Queen visit afterwards!


An e-mail was sent out to everyone as well.


Hope to see you out on the rides!





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Sunday Ice-Cream Ride

993icecream cone

Hello, fellow members! Headwinds is having an ice-cream ride this Sunday, July 13. The ride is slow paced and kids are more than welcome. Meeting point will be at the Nicholas Sheran School parking lot 10:00 AM. A visit to Dairy Queen after the ride will take care of the ice-cream. No need to RSVP - just show up!

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Lethbridge to Waterton Ride


waterton pano

Hello, fellow Headwinders!

We have another ride coming up organized by Ron and Rosemarie Renwick. In order to determine the attendance for this event, please read the outlined plan and RSVP by sending an e-mail to us (via the communiaction link on the left). So the timeline is as follows:

Sat, July 12 cycle from Lethbridge to Lee Creek campground, Cardston. Camp.

Sun, July 13 cycle from Cardston to Waterton via Chief Mountain or directly from Cardston. Camp.

Mon, July14 cycle to Cardston. Camp.

Tues, July 15 cycle to Lethbridge.

We will drive our truck as sag if members are wanting to participate but don't have touring gear.

There is the option to cycle back to Lethbridge on Sun ( or Mon if there is a tailwind) if it is not convenient to cycle Mon & Tues.

If there is interest we will provide more details to participants. We would also welcome any suggestions for future tours.

Drafting off RVs will be frowned on.

Please let us know ASAP as the dates are getting close.



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Road ID customization


Dear fellow cyclists!

The time has come to get the long promised road ID's. As we thought everyone might want to write their own message, you have a chance to customize yours! Please check your e-mail or just send us a message with whatever you want to be written on the wristband.

Everyone has 5 lines with 24 characters per line to play with (not including your name - so reverve a line for that). If you happen not to reply or just want the generic, it will look like this:

FirstName LastName
123 Street
City, AB
Phone number


Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Simply ride.

Chief Mountain Road Ride


Headwinds Ride - Chief Mountain Border Crossing


Headwinds is organizing a road ride from Waterton Park to Chief Mountain border crossing to properly open the season for everyone.



Meeting Place:

South Side Safeway, 2750 Fairway Plaza Rd. South at 8:30-9:00 AM on June 8th.

Travel Plan:

Arrange carpooling with available Headwind Members and leave at around 9:15 AM.

Meet at the stone house just north of the Waterton Gate entrance at the T-intersection at around 10:45 AM.

Riding Plan:

Start riding at 11:00-11:15 out towards the Chief Mountain Border Crossing on Highway 6. The ride is about 25 km one way. (2 Climbs about 8 km each and 1 descent about 9 km)

Arrive at the border crossing staying on the Canadian side at around 1:00-1:15 PM. Rest/snack for 15-20 min, then return back to the start of the ride. Planning to finish the ride at around 2:45-3:00 PM.

After Ride Event:

BBQ at the Maskinonge Picnic area just past the bridge heading back home.

Burgers, buns and chips to be supplied.

Prizes/swag to be given out on as determined by the planners.


SAG (Support and Gear) wagon to sweep with water and snacks if needed. (Thanks Kevins Dad!)

Lead riders to ensure check points for riders and to assist with repairs (flats) if needed.

Group encouragement.


Please RSVP here in order to plan the vehicles and food better before the ride.









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