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FunDough was a Go!


Yesterday,14 members rode the Bakery FunDough (aka Bakery WINDDough). The pastries were fantastic, the tailwind was awesome and the headwind helped to burn off the calories. Overall the official first Bakery Fundough was a huge success and I think everyone enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the breeze yesterday. If anyone has more pictures please send them to me.

Headwinds Social Monday Ride is still riding and the last ride will be on Monday September 25th. On September 19, the ride is leaving from the south side Safeway at 6:00 pm and September 25th, the ride is leaving from the west side Safeway at 6:00 pm. Remember rear tail lights are mandatory for these rides.

HammerHead Thursday's are still going on but will now be starting at 5:30 pm at the same location, south side tourist centre. HammerHead Thursday's ride are planned until November 3rd, the Thursday before time change and is weather dependant. Due to limited sunlight and visibility issues please ensure rear taillights are being used.

Please stay tuned as we are not yet done for the season, there is still more to come.


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Time Trial

Tomorrow night is the second Headwinds TT of the season.

Need more information? Look here!

Need some motivation? Here are the results from the last time trial.

Regardless of if you think you can take down Phil or not, remember it's going to be a great night to #SimplyRide!

Two more events

Two more Headwinds events to put on your calendar:

1.  Thursday, Sepetember 15th = Time Trial part deux.

2.  Saturday, September 17th = The Bakery Fundough - treats on us!

Information is in the links or on our Facebook page.

August 22 Social Ride

Due to high winds, tonight's social ride is cancelled. Next week will still leave from the west side.

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Little Ghost Town Ride

 Little Ghost Town Ride

Headwinds will be cycling from Magrath to Del Bonita (Little Ghost Town on the Prairies), which is approximately 100 km out and back ride on Highway 62. We will be stopping in Del Bonita for a treat and a rest before we ride back. The ride will take you along the Alberta prairies and past the McIntyre Ranch and up to the Little Ghost Town on the Prairies.

We will meet at the Southside Safeway at 8:15-8:30 and arrange carpooling. We will then got to the South East side of Magrath and meet just south the Magrath Fishing Pond. We will plan to ride start our ride at 9:15. There will be a SAG wagon if you only want to ride one way.

This ride is sponsored by Bert & Macs Cycling and prizes will be awarded following the ride. Remember all Headwinds Cycling Club events are for members only.


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