Headwinds Cycling Club
News Flash
Here is the remainder of our riding schedule for the season.
There are still a few social rides that are missing a lead rider...
These events will be updated on the Facebook Events and are limited to Headwinds members.
21 = Social Ride (South) - Dan
23 = Cyclocross - Alex
26 = Whiskey Gap Ride - Scott
27 = West Ice Cream Ride
29 = Social Ride (West)
29 - Kids Session 10am = Steve
04 = Social Ride (south) - Scott
06 = Kids Session 5pm - Steve
12 = Social Ride (West) - Kelly-Gar
13 = MTB Night Ride - Steve
17 = South Ice Cream Ride - Steve
18 = Social Ride (South)
20 = Kids Session 5pm - Steve
23 = Bakery Fundough - Steve
24 = Cyclocross - Alex
24 = Ride the Rocks (Waterton)
26 = Social Ride (West)
01 = Ride the Rocks (Waterton)
07 = Clunker-Poker Ride (MTB) - Steve


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About Us

The Lethbridge Headwinds Cycling Club was formed in 1986 by a number of local Southern Alberta riders wishing to formally organize cycling activities in the area. This club was rebranded as the Headwinds Cycling Club in 2017.

The objectives of this non-profit organization are to promote the sport of cycling in Southern Alberta and to provide involvement for members in all aspects and levels of bicycle road racing, touring (recreation and transportation), mountain biking, and triathlon.

The Lethbridge Headwinds Cycling Club is affiliated with the Alberta Bicycle Association (A.B.A.)  and the Canadian Cycling Association (C.C.A).

2017 Executive TBA:

  • President: Kevin Iwaasa
  • Vice-president: Jason Kwasny
  • Treasurer: Vitaliy Rudenko
  • Secretary: Kelly McMahon
  • Program Director: Steve Leger

Like our page on Facebook to stay current on events and use the Headwinds Facebook group to organize rides.

If you have interest in participating in any capacity please contact any of us by clicking here. It is greatly appreciated!

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